Let Us Begin

6 Jan
Ideas for blogging:
1.       My life
2.       My sisters
3.       School
4.       Something that people would find interesting
5.       Read a book and comment on it whilst reading it?
6.       Change in times…the 90s until now?
7.       A year in review
8.       Ghandi’s life lessons
9.       A goal for each day, how it works out.
10.   Relationships…how people view them.
11.   Problems how people work through them.
Many people, it seems, wish to write something or other throughout their lives.  I would like to tell you that most of us do…I wish, and that each of those people got book deals and then the book became so very famous it became a movie. Ahem, but that is not the case. In fact, most of those people only accomplish the dreaming stage, get started and then quickly lose their motivation, or patience. I don’t  wish that fate upon myself, I want to succeed in my little venture.
How do you like the view of my driveway? 

Which is what exactly hmm? I’m really not sure. I would like to say that I have a purpose in writing, but maybe that is my purpose, finding a purpose for writing. Maybe what I’ll do is answer one question a day according to what I know. Maybe I’ll evaluate a principle of living each day and attempt to understand if there is any meaning.  Maybe the fruits of the spirit, maybe different proverbs, maybe Aesop’s fables.   I don’t know really, maybe I’ll try it out and when I see that it works or doesn’t then we’ll see what comes next.

What do I mean?
Well, simply put; if people read this, comment on it, provided that I do a good job, then I’ll continue. But maybe I’ll continue regardless as something to hold myself to each day.
Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin my journey of self discovery, and hopefully in regimented fashion…I’ll press on.
Okay, here I go, about to travel the long road of blogging…

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