A Bald Huntsman

11 Jan
A man, having no hair, bought himself a wig. On no certain day, he was out hunting with his friends when a strong gust of wind blew away his hat and took his wig with it. His friends tried not to laugh at his discomfort. But the bald-headed man couldn’t help laughing himself…and he made his friends laugh until tears ran down their cheeks. He said “If the hair the wig is made from did not stick to the head it grew on, how can I expect it to stick to mine hmmm?”
I don’t know bald-headed man, I don’t know.
The lesson to be learned from this fable? Laugh and the world laughs with you.

Too true. So many times in life, we will encounter events that could be detrimental to a person’s reputation or their own opinion about themselves. But rather than take a staunch view of the situation, take the view of “It doesn’t really matter. You know you and you know that you’re not always the way that situation depicts you.”
Am I right? Of course I am. For example, simply because you get into a fight with a friend, that instance is not what you base the entirety of your relationship on. No. You know that other times, you’ve stood up for your friend and she/he has stood for you. The relationship has not turned sour, it simply has had a small bump.

Let me tell you how this particular fable relates to not a particular situation in my life, but in the life of my friend. She recently spent a semester in Chile, located in South America, studying and living with a Chilean family. While she was there she learnt so much about life, and love. This learning also happened to include the use of the Spanish language.
One day, she was at dinner with a 90 year-old man and an older couple, her Chilean friend and her roommate. They were eating and chatting, my friend and her roommate were learning testing their knowledge of the language throughout their conversations.
At one point my friend said “Ayer,construyeron una reja enfrente de mi iglesia,” or at least my friend thought she said this, which would mean; ” Yesterday, they built a gate in front of my church.” 
But instead she said; “Ayer ,construyeron una raja enfrente de mi iglesia.” 

Now see, to me, the small difference between the word “reja” and “raja” would not have meant much, but to those who know and speak Spanish, the difference is quite large. Because “rega” means “gate” and “raja” means “ass crack.” So in actuality my friend was saying “Yesterday they built an ass crack in front of my church.” 
So here’s me (left) laughing my head off with
 my friend on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

At first none at the party said a word. There was complete silence and they let my friend continue without correcting her, until her Chilean friend quietly told her that she probably meant “reja” not “raja” and then everyone burst out in bundles and bundles of laughter.

And my friend at this point with her eyes wide with surprise at her mistake and was indeed the very deepest color red, threw her head back in great guffaws of laughter and a smile spread from ear to ear. 

Ha! I would have loved to have been there to laugh along with her and also take the lesson home as a reminder to not take those mistakes seriously, but to laugh at them and then simply move on. 

Remember: Don’t take yourself too seriously; laugh and the world laughs with you. 

2 Responses to “A Bald Huntsman”

  1. Lizzy January 14, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    Aah to laugh at oneself (: How has your year been going? Chase is coming to see us!!! What made you decide to blog?

  2. Tricia Demmers January 19, 2011 at 3:09 am #

    hmmmm, I think it was just something I started a long time ago and never finished, so now I'm gonna finish it…

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