A Mouse and A Lion

20 Jan

A lion was asleep one day (and no day in particular) when a mouse ran over his face. The lion awoke with a snarl and scooped the mouse into his paw. The frightened little mouse feared he was about to die and he pleaded for his life.
“Please, great and mighty lion, please spare my life. Give me my freedom and one day I will repay your kindness.”
The amused lion could not comprehend that this tiny shivering little mouse could one day ever help him, but he laughed out loud and let the mouse go.
A few days later the mouse was scurrying about in the undergrowth, he heard the lion roar. It sounded as if the lion was in some sort of trouble and so he went to see if he could help in some way. The lion was trapped in a hunter’s net and was trapped without a way out.
“There is no way you can help me,” said the lion sadly enough, “When the hunters return with their spears, they will kill me.”
the mouse shook his tiny head and said, “Your last day has not yet come.” He began to nibble at the net with his sharp little teeth. Soon enough he had made a hole big enough for the lion to crawl through.
“You were right,” the lion said, as he and the mouse hurried off to safety. “There are times when the weak are able to help the strong.”

Or the small are able to help the big, or the young are able to help the old. Look at it however you want, but you’ll have to admit that sometimes the toughest lessons are taught by the most unassuming. The ones from whom you wouldn’t expect a lesson from. I am constantly amazed at how much I can learn from children. They teach without even knowing at times and we in all our wisdom and knowledge sometimes fail to see the forest through the trees. Quite the failing indeed, I would say. Sometimes the most unassuming thing can teach us the most valuable lesson.

I have been blessed to have two beautiful nephews. They have so much energy at times that I in my ripe old age of 21 can hardly keep up with them. First they run this way and then they need to run the other way, and soon they’ll need to run back again. In one day they will want to play a game, go outside and toboggan and then come back in to build a puzzle or build a castle out of blankets.
An adult can get tired of it, we’ve lost our ability to imagine you know. Pretending can get more challenging as the years continue. I know that because I’ve grown up my ability to learn from invention has dwindled. But anyways that is another story.
One day, my six-year-old nephew at 8:30 am pulled my hand and begged me to play the game of LIFE. I laughed and joked that we’re already playing that game. He looked at me with a quizzical brow. “Tomorrow,” I replied.
The next day, at about the same time, my six-year-old nephew pulled on my hand and begged me to play the game of LIFE. I was busy making my breakfast and so I said, “Not right now little man, tomorrow.”
A third day, he approached me and tugged on my housecoat and said “Today is tomorrow and can we play the game of LIFE now?” I nodded and said, “Mhmmm, maybe.”
To which he replied, “I know what you will say, you will say tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, but then the whole time will go away and then we will not play. You don’t understand me.”
I blinked and stared at my nephew as he walked away with his head hung. How wise my little nephew had become. His little heart had been hurt by my neglect and no longer did he want to be put off. What did I learn that I should have known? Carpe Diem. Seize the day.
Take advantage of every moment that is given to you because they are gifts from God and each moment is precious. Why spend a day saying “Tomorrow,” when tomorrow can be today?
Well don’t ask me, I’m not the expert here, my little nephew is. And who knew that a six-year-old could teach a 21-year-old this old philosophy that should have been instilled and at work long ago. Perhaps his words will prod me to work harder and take each moment as a blessing. Take advantage of that second chance to get an opportunity and learn from the mistakes you’ve made. Don’t give up, seize every moment like a six-year-old. I know its easier said then done, but then life would be so so so easy if that were the case and we’d become bored within minutes of being born.

Now see? There are two lessons in one blog for you. The first being that we can learn from the most unexpected people and the second…
Carpe Diem.
So I’m going to carpe diem today and get my butt in gear and learn from everyone around me. Who knows what I’ll pick up on.

Hey, listen to Carolyn Arends; a Canadian artist’s words:


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