A Prophet

31 Jan
A prophet sat in the market-place and told the fortunes of all who cared to engage his services. Out of the blue there came running up one who told him that his house had been broken into by thieves, and that they had made off with everything they could lay their hands on. He was up in  moment, and rushed off, tearing his hair and calling down curses on the miscreants. The bystanders were very amused, and one of them said, “Our friend professes to know what is going to happen to others, but it seems he’s not clever enough to perceive what’s in store for himself.”
He was a poor prophet huh?
Humanity can be funny at times can’t it? We are so easy to criticize others and offer our own opinions on how things should be and how things shouldn’t be. We love to tell people how things are done and how things aren’t. We all have philosophies about living, loving and getting things done. How to live a person’s life is always more interesting to us, than our own lives. We are interested in others, others are interested in us, we are not interested in ourselves; really. I mean; I’m not saying that some people aren’t self centered; because the reality is…some people are. But we always like to give our philosophies to others; because we are such experts at life aren’t we?

Ha! What a laugh, I must sound very cynical to anyone who might be reading this. But I’m not really, I’m writing my own social commentary.
The truth is, we know very little about life and do you want to know something?
What we know about the lives of others is what we’ve learned from our own lives. Right?
I could be wrong; this is also a blog consisting of my own philosophies and life stories, so I could be wrong, couldn’t I? Of course.

Well now to a story in my life…when have I given advice that I should have taken myself…oh dear too many times to count I think.

Some people can be harder on themselves than they are on other people, they are they’re own worst critic, disallowing failures for themselves but allowing failures for others or vis versa.  Do you know anyone like that?    Cause there are many of them.
So, a personal pet peeve of mine is the sound of licking fingertips and chomping eating noises. The sucking and the popping of the lips as they smack together and then the swallow, the gulp. It eats at me, makes me cringe. My father is the king of licking his lips and smacking and gulping and everything. I love my father to bits and bits, he is an awesome, great person, brilliant and authentic, but his habit of licking his fingers is insurmountable, it seems to continue and last longer than what he is eating.
One day, over the Christmas Holidays, my father was making himself a sandwich and without thinking, after spreading his mustard and then placing his pickles over the mustard he began to lick his fingers…over and over again and then put the cap back on the mustard jar….oh man. Frustrations galore!
 I call my father, Papa, its endearing and I love calling him that, it’ll never change.
 So I said,”Papa, don’t lick your fingers, the mustard is going to get all slimy and gooey and then none of us will want to eat it.”
“Nobody in this house eats mustard except me,” he said.
“That does not mean that you can lick your fingers though!” I say, he made a face and laughed.
But he stopped licking his fingers.
The next day, he was eating some chips in the kitchen and dipping them in salsa. He licked his fingers, and we had much the same conversation. The main premise being: Don’t lick your fingers.

A few days later…
I was downstairs spreading peanut butter on my whole wheat sandwich with some honey and mindlessly scraped the honey from the spoon and swooped it into my mouth. You know how Winne the Pooh scoops honey by the handfuls and just licks it right off his hand…I guess you could say that was me at that very moment.
And at that very moment my own advice came back to bite me.
“Dear,” a deep voice called from behind me, I turned around, “Countless times I am preached to about how one should not lick their fingers and how I am the worst offender and yet here you are…licking your fingers. It seems to me that you take some of your own advice.”

Sheepish smile.

I do this also when I have one of those talks with my friends who needs encouragement. I say, “Have courage; be strong, you can do it and don’t think you can’t, face those giants.”
The very next moment I’ll be walking to class dwelling on how scared I am about life and the future. But do I listen to the advice that I gave to my friend. No. I walk and I dwell on my fears.
You know what they call those people who do what I do? A hypocrite.
Yup, I’m one of those and I admit it.
But just because I’m a hypocrite it doesn’t mean that I’m not trying to take my own advice or follow my own paradigm. What can I say? Things in life are easier said than done. These lessons that I’m learning from these fables are excellent insights into my way of thinking.
Who knows, maybe this blog thing will actually let me learn things about myself that I never knew, maybe others won’t benefit, but at least I will.


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