31 Jan
Alright, another aside from the usual here. I was chatting with my mother recently and she was so excited because her daughter (me) had started to write a blog…

Oh man, how to explain this to my mom who supports me in everything I do and considers many things that are now old a novelty. I want to believe her and say that what I’m doing here with my writing is wonderfully artistic, new and special.
But here’s the reality…it is almost standard for people to have blogs these days. There are so many of them that its weird if a person doesn’t have a blog. People are blogging about everything and anything these days. I was reading in TIME Magazine the other day in a section called “Blogs of Note,” where there is a listing of blogs about pets, home, family, traveling, equipment for traveling, kids, kids clothing, fashion, food, dessert, main courses. EVERYTHING is covered in these blogs, you want to know about a person’s life and their love for papier-mâché, then I am almost certain there is a blog for that. If you want to know how to cook a gourmet fillet minion,there’s a blog for that. If you want to know what fashion deserves most credit, there’s a blog for that. Take a look at the picture above; there is a blog about bird tales. Take my blog for example; its a blog about fables… A burgeoning idiom these days coming from the phenomenon of the iPhone is “There’s an app for that.” Well to borrow a fraction of the phrase in the context of what I’m writing; “There’s a blog for that.”

Here, check this out:,9171,1860888,00.html

I’m not condemning it, I’m not being cynical either, I’m just stating the facts from what I’ve observed.
In fact its been said that blogging is the way that people who are in the business of writing will remain heard. Everything is online now, and newspapers and magazines are finding it harder and harder to keep up and remain “in print” so to speak. Am I right?
I’m not saying that newspapers are becoming obsolete, no I don’t think there will ever be a time when the written word will become archaic. It will always be needed, but whether or not it will be needed in physical print or not is the mounting question. I’m not going to predict anything here, simply because I want there to always be a need for print writing. I love it! I’m studying journalism right now, I love to write! And believe me what I say that I always want there to be tons of blogs, because then maybe this new age world will understand that people need writing, not only the television but the newspaper and magazine as well.
You might ask then, “Why are newspaper and magazine companies going out of business if the world needs writing and print?”
My answer…
idk, but it might have something to do with whats called the World Wide Web.

Okay there’s my rant for now. Mom if you’re reading this, thank you for believing in me, and I hate to break it to you, but having a blog isn’t very special, actually, its very standard.


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