One Rule

5 Feb
In one of my reading compilations for a class that I’m taking this semester, I was struck by a certain realization that the author wrote about.The article was titled “Giving an A”, written by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander. They wrote that the “player who looks least engaged may be the most committed member of the group. A cynic, after all, is a passionate person who does not want to be disappointed again.”

Think about that.
Take a moment and ponder what is written up there and then think about yourself. And answer this question; are you that compassionate person? Or are you that person people judge from the outside and think that you really don’t care from your appearance?

You see here is my thing. I am a passionate person, bu does that mean I am a cynical person? Is my passion derived from deep disappointment? And I let my frustrations with disappointment out, through discourse.And am I ‘deeply involved’ in that discourse, or am I only ‘involved’? Is it even possible to be only involved? 
I’m a closet cynic. There I’ve said it, and those of you who read this, can either affirm the same experience to yourself or not. You’re either a closet cynic too, or not. 

Wait! Keep Reading!

Ahem…What does it mean to be a closet cynic? On the outside I give off the image of an overly positive person, happy constantly, talkative and energetic. Yet on the inside I have opinions and comments about everything, ideas about what persons have said or not said. A closet cynic creates judgment out of conjecture, we make things up in our head and then we form theories about them and only our closest friends know about these thoughts formulating in our brains.
Good or Bad? In my opinion its always good to keep a balance of reality, but if you are a closet cynic, it’s probably best to NOT let those conjectures rule your heart, your head…your life. Otherwise (and read this carefully) you will end up alone and bitter. So you see it can be both good and bad, both helpful and diminutive. Basically here is what I’m saying: it is always best to keep a handle on reality and know that life is not how you would read it in a novel or watch in a movie. But it is always best to keep your grip of expectation, otherwise the days become long and monotonous and then a frown comes much more easily to your face and your stuck wondering why you’re hanging out alone reading articles on depression theories.

What does the title of this particular blog have to do with what I’ve actually written? Well, what I’ve admitted and the social commentary I’ve provided to obviously be from my own perspective, but also it is a rule, one rule I’ve set for myself to keep a firm head on my shoulders. 
Does this girl believe that exceeding happiness and endless joy exists? Of course I do! I just also happen to think that there are very few and rare occasions that it does exist. I’ve experienced it though. There have been times when I’ve felt lighter than a cloud, and completely at peace. When I know life does not get any better than this. When I’m praising my savior, or loving on my family. And when those times come along, I cherish them, hold them in my heart and never forget them.
Now how cliché does that sound? 

Here is some advice from one closet cynic to one who think they might be. KEEP that passion, let it be your drive, but also please don’t let it rule your life, simply let it be a guidance, and wary parent who warns you of the potentially negative and positive aspects of a situation. KEEP searching for those times when you’re on top of the world and don’t wish to be disappointed. 

Alright, now you’ve had enough of my theorizing and philosophizing for today…and sorry that this post again is not at all about fables; but aren’t you glad you kept reading?

Don’t answer that.


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