What is Life?

12 Feb

Last year I had the privilege of volunteering for LIFT Communities in Philadelphia, PA. As a college student I was able to use my knowledge and computer skills to help and advocate for low income individuals. Actually any one who wanted our help could come in and ask for our aid. I worked with former professors even a man who rode a bike from central Florida to Quebec. I worked with a man who was addicted to Heroin, but through an amazing turn of events, he found a way to come clean. Another woman used to be a prostitute, and another had bi-polar disease and because of this she was now unemployed and yet there was another who had left her husband because of abuse and now she was searching for a way to survive.
Amazing people who had simply fallen under the radar because of a mishap or the economy. Almost every time I went I learned something new. I learned that unity is priceless and that a simple listening ear can turn a rainy day into one full of sunshine, that everyone asks for help, and that compassion is underrated. LIFT emphasized that strength is compassion, care and giving yourself to those who need you.
While I was there I picked up this sheet of paper, which was posted in each little cubicle at the LIFT office in Philadelphia. It is a list of Life’s characteristics, I have it pinned up in front of my desk and I look at it almost every day.
Here it goes:

What is Life?
  1. Life is a challenge   > You must meet it
  2. Life is a Risk          > You must take it
  3. Life is Sorrow        > You must bear it
  4. Life is a Problem    > You must overcome it
  5. Life is a Gift           >  You must accept it
  6. Life is Tragedy       >  You must boycott it
  7. Life is a Game        >  You must play it
  8. Life is a Duty          > You must perform it
  9. Life is Misery          >  You must unfold it
  10. Life is an Opportunity > You must use it
  11. Life is a Promise      > You must fulfill it
  12. Life is a song           >  You must sing it
  13. Life is a journey       >  You must complete it
  14. Life is a Beauty        > You must admire it
  15. Life is Love             >  You must share it
  16. Life is a case           >  You must win it
  17. Life is war               >  You must fight it
  18. Life is a puzzle         >  You must fight it
  19. Life is Work            >  You must do it
  20. Life is a Goal           > You must achieve it 
  21. Life is Hardship       > You must endure it
  22. Life is God’s Gift     > You must praise the Lord
But the best part of this entire sheet and the part that makes me look inside myself, no matter how good or bad life can be, is what is hand written in at the bottom: Rain O’ Shine. I’m looking out the window right now and its shining, that sun it a beaming like there will be no tomorrow; I have a smile on my face and to be honest its there for an unexplainable reason. Today I just wanted to consider life and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. 
PS: thank you LIFT for the list, the opportunities and the beautiful people you let me meet.

One Response to “What is Life?”

  1. sandra February 14, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    Tricia this is beautiful!

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