A Bad Thing

17 Feb
So I would like to share a time in life when I was…for lack of a better description, up creek without a paddle…
Oh! and also here is a video of that time! 🙂 Enjoy!

The last few days have reminded me of peace and hope, loneliness and endings. I’d like to think that my life is one that may one day teach others, help them through tough times and encourage them. I feel that this story might be one that will.
I traveled to Dublin in the past few days, the dates are unimportant, Dublin was beautiful apart from the endless rain that graced our presence and soaked my nice suede boots…meh (I’m over it). The trip was coming to an earlier close for me because I had booked an earlier flight for the day before my friends were leaving. I caught the bus to the Dublin airport and was excited about returning to good old Cheltenham, I got to the airport safe and got in line to check in. You can imagine my surprise when the nice (not Irish) lady at the desk told me that the flight was closed…
My first thought was that she was kidding…bad stuff like this does not happen to Tricia Demmers. REALITY CHECK…(of course bad things happen to me!) What was I thinking? A list of things popped up in my head. A list of “if only’s” and “what if’s” all of which simply made me panic all the more. I stood in the busy Dublin airport for a few minutes clearing my head and staring at the ceiling. If anyone had approached me then, I would have burst into tears (I’m a girl, crying relieves stress). I blew out a stream of frustrated air and then made my way over to the Ryanair desk where tickets could be purchased. I already knew that the price would be more than I could pay. When the amount 100 euros reached my ears…I simply blinked and stated “I don’t have enough money for that”
If this had been any other situation I would have laughed at the response from the lady (this time Irish) at the desk, which was “Oh”. Well this being the situation that it was I did not laugh, I walked away and began to formulate a plan in my brain. My only aim was to get back to Britain, I wanted to hear British accents, but more than anything I wanted comfort and the sound of my mother’s voice calming me down. Of course right then I couldn’t have that, so using the last few pounds on my mobile phone I called Emily who was sleeping at the Hostel to let her and the others know what had happened. I asked her for the code to call Canada from here, as much as I did not want to do it, I had to ask for the help of my parents.
Two or three minutes later Emily texted me back the code, 001 (in case you all didn’t know), and I called my parents at 9:45 am in the morning, which would be about 4:45 in the morning in Canada. I had not thought of that, it was THE LAST thing on my mind. I left a very tearful message on my parent’s answering machine and sat on the stairs staring at my feet and the floor counting the colours that were used in the tiling. That didn’t take up much time since there were only three, gray, dark gray, and black.
“Dreary colours for a dreary day” The list of “if only’s” appeared in my mind again…and then disappeared into a list of places I’d rather be, and then of people I’d rather see than the random faces I was seeing here.
There is a very popular phrase that goes something like this: “Alone in a sea of people”…this sums up my feeling at this particular time in my life. I’m sure we all have gone through periods of extreme loneliness, I’m sure we’ve all messed up and those annoying lists appeared in our brains and the only thing you can do is simply wait. So I waited and waited until a decent hour to call my parents.
At 11:00 I called and my mom, sweet mom, picked up the phone in a frantic voice and without even asking who it was she said “Its going to be alright”, welp…I crumbled and through my sobs I apologized and promised to pay them back. Before I could finish my monologue I heard a click, and then the musical sound that rings when I receive a text. It read, “Your credit it 0.00 pounds”
WAS someone filming this? I almost wanted to search for the person who was doing this to me and ask them if the prank was up now and could I go home now?
I stared at my phone, and then got up in a panic. The word “Payphone” was flashing in my mind like a neon sign. After searching the top floor and the second floor, I finally found one on the bottom floor (the last floor that I check…convenient). I followed the instructions to call collect to Canada and soon listening to the ring tone and then heard the voice of my parents.
I explained to them that I had no money, I’ve missed my plane and that I needed to buy a ticket home…”So where are you going to get the money from then?” My dad asked, “From you?” I asked and held my breath, “Ok”
Two hours later I was again talking to my father on the pay phone, writing down my confirmation number for the flight that would take off at 6:35 the next morning to Bristol. Unfortunately, my father booked it as a online check-in. Thus my next mission was finding a computer and a printer that worked. After talking to five different desks that said either it worked, or that it didn’t, or that they wouldn’t chance it, or that it works sometimes. GREAT! Well I had no choice, so I looked in my wallet for money, I had in total 5 euros, ok. With my heart in my throat I sat the computer that was connected to the printer, the only printer available for public use in the Dublin airport. I answered the questions and clicked print and held my breath, there was nothing…

And then, a click and a sheet of paper appeared out of the printer, I let out my breath and signed, something good had definitely just happened. I literally ripped my boarding pass from the printer and smiled, I dropped another euro into the computer. Now that I was able to get to Bristol I needed to be able to get from Bristol to Cheltenham. Before time ran out (I never realized how stressful being on the internet was) I typed like the Dickens an email to Denise ( my lovely chaperon here in England) begging her to pick me up in Bristol at 7:45 the next morning. I hit the send button just as my time ran out and I breathed and asked the person beside me what time it was. 2:15 was the answer. What to do? Wait.
I picked up my bag and went out of the airport, for a walk…in circles around the Dublin airport….good fun.
I came back and sat in the sitting area for one of the many restaurants. Food. That would be nice…I opened my wallet again, three euros and I still had to check my email to see if Denise had received my email. I stared at the 1 euro menu, I bought a Sundae. Good nutrients. “Yup, I am the ultimate traveler” I think, “I have no idea where my next meal will come from, or even if I’ll have a next meal…character building”

This occurred a few years ago now, but looking back on it, I don’t think I’ll ever forget those lessons nor the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Like I said above of course bad things happen to me, bad things happen to everyone, but its recognizing that we can learn from these things that makes them worthwhile you know? Maybe you already knew that, maybe you didn’t. If you did then I just reiterated an important point…if you didn’t then well I think theres a saying “You learn something new each day; everyday is a school day they say.”

One Response to “A Bad Thing”

  1. Lizzy February 21, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    Tricia!! Speaking of traveling, do you know where you will be the middle of May???

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