Breaking Through

1 Jul
I don’t think that we ever truly think things through entirely otherwise some things we wouldn’t do. Consider it, if you analyzed everything you did, before you did it then I’ll bet you half the things you actually did would not have been done in the first place. I know for one thing I would not have traveled as much as I do if I had always weighed the pros and cons. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and take a leap of faith. am I right or am I right?
That (to me at least) is a good thing, otherwise we would have people locked away in their little houses, alone and naive and completely innocent.
But you can’t be innocent.

Not today anyways. There is simply no way that you can live your life and pretend that everything is ok. Because its not. Everything is not ok, but here’s the thing. The world is beautiful, but it is broken and slightly abandoned by those who inhabit it. Distressing no? Do you feel like right now its hard to breathe, that you’re suffocating as the walls of injustice close in around you? You feel as if its your job to fix it don’t you?
Please for the sake of your sanity don’t. Please unravel yourself and take a healthy step back from the problems. I’m saying this to myself as much as I am to the few of you who read this.
The problems will always be present, and they will always be bigger than what you are capable of fixing. Please just do what is possible for you to do. Please just know that your gift to fix the world is enough if your trying to fix it.
This is great news, because that means you only have to do what you can, what you are able, what you are called to do. Of course go above and beyond the call of duty, but remember that not everything is depending on you.

Just a simple realization for the few of you who are reading this simple blog.A breaking through the mold if you will allow me a simple cliche 🙂
Aside from all of this, I’m in Mexico and loving another country of the world. God is great, and keeps we wrapped in love and good things. I am blessed by friends and family…(sigh) I have nothing more to say.


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