8 Aug
So I have about 10 minutes waiting in the Toronto airport before I board to Beijing…and I just wanted to let you know (in case you didn’t) notice that I’ve changed the name of my blog.
Well it needed to happen…the previous title was just too, I don’t know, just too long and involved I guess. So now I’ve changed it to GOR(a)P. Which quite simply means, “good old raisins and peanuts”. I figured why not change it to something I’m a little obsessed with right? Of course right. So I changed it with the help of my family.

GOR(a)P (pronounced ‘gorp’) is in our family something that sustains you throughout a camping trip, portaging and all that jazz. We usually put M&Ms and Craisins, maybe some caramels and perhaps some chocolate covered raisins, cashews and almonds…all that really great stuff. Its full of energy and it gives you a will to push on while you’re on the trail. At least it does that for me, I can’t speak for my family. When I’m home I have a constant mix on the go…I guess you could safely say that I’m addicted. So my thought processed followed that I want this blog to be about ‘being’, and if gorp helps me ‘be’…why not title my blog about it?
My point exactly! I knew you would share my enthusiasm! 🙂 Thank you generous supporter/reader, whoever you are.

A Random Tidbit
So my emotions are running very high, I’m an emotional person…I can’t help it! I’ve just said goodbye to my family and am now going to live in Beijing for about a year, teach English and get to know a completely different culture. I am so excited and nervous!! Let me put it this way: I have a huge smile on my face, but my eyes are puffy from crying. How does that sound? Pretty great right? I think it is, because this means this is a challenge and I love picking up the proverbial gauntlet as it were and saying “Take your best shot.”

All of the above aside, life is wonderful, its beautiful each day and I just can’t wait to enjoy the rest of now and the rest of everything else. I hope you’ll join me for some gorp or as my title reads “GOR(a)P” every once in a while, here at this blog, with me.


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