Why Gorp?

16 Aug

There are, I think so many different titles these days, its difficult to be creative and come up with one that is simple, but catches the eye of the reader. How does one come up with a title a midst all of the other aspiring young writers out there, who are hoping that perhaps their talent will be the one to be noticed?
Answer: I don’t really know. I think creativity comes when we least expect it, in a dire moment or a moment of simple silence…or actually just any moment at all. A person cannot just say one day “I think creativity will strike me today, and God help all of those around me.” That person would sit about, waiting and waiting and when nothing had happened, they would get up and say “Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow creativity will strike.” What a laugh that will be, they would simply do the exact same thing…
So this is a round about way of getting to how I came up with my title…not that it is particularly great, or particularly bad. But it does have a meaning.
Gorp (good old raisins and peanuts) has been in my family for quite sometime. It’s used for long treks, backpacking and portaging as well as well any time. I eat it whenever I like…I guess you could say I have an incurable addiction to the stuff. But the mixture is more than just raisins, peanuts, or whatever you might put in; it’s energy. A boost or so, enough to get through what might be ahead. I am not saying that gorp is magical, no, definitely not. But for me, it does brighten my day ever so.
Gorp also contains the sweet and the salty, almost like the sweet and salty bits of life that we take along our travels. The M & Ms are like those days where everything is looking well and you could take on the world. And the peanuts, well they’re a reminder that each day is tough, and you need an extra “umph” to pull through.
Heaven knows that I could use some right about now…


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