2 Oct

An Ordinary Street Corner While walking home from work about two days ago, I came accross some rare form of beauty.
An unknown artist had taken the petals of a red flower and showered the street corner with them. In amongst the petals there were dashes of light. There wasn’t any order or semblance to how they were arranged, no rhyme or reason. Someone woke up this day and decided that they would place these petals and these candles there. So they gathered them together and with some determination walked to this place they had pictured in their mind and said to themselves, “This is the perfect spot. I’ll put my candles and petals…here.” And then they set to work.
Some people would haved passed as this person set about their task. They probably asked questions, stared in wonder and whispered about it to their friends on the way to work or school. But that didn’t deter the unknown artist.
No. Far from it actually, it was encouragement in a way. The unknown artist would finish this task no matter how small or how silly it made them look.
I am glad they did.

As I walked home, those small, flickering candles reminded me of the unknown and the beauty hidden within what we do not expect.

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