8 Oct

There are elderly men dancing in the court yard. Twisting their rists, stepping from side to side, to and fro.
There are mothers sitting with their toddler children at the entrance to the subway stations, calling out for money, or selling something…I don’t know what though.
There is a Chinese couple standing on the steps to a convenience store; they’re talking loudly.

Music wafts through the air and there is a feeling of knowing floating through the Hutongs and through the highways.
What feeling?
That the Old Beijing is slowly being eaten up by this new booming city, a city that is both beautiful and appalling.

How do I make peace with this place?
Can I come to terms with something that breathes and strains from the weight of all of the expectation of the people who live and depend upon it?
I depend on it…scary and I don’t like to think about it this way and so I don’t.

So I’ll think about the elderly men dancing in the court yard, and the music wafting through the air. It puts a smile on my face and reminds me of what is beautiful in this city.

[Now I want you to imagine an awesome nighttime photo featuring the lights of Beijing; I don’t have it yet, but when I do…it’s going here.]


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