Pea + Nuts

11 Oct

They say that if you’re addicted to something the first step to take towards healing is admitting that you are actually addicted. I don’t know but “they” say a lot of things and sometimes “they” are right and sometimes “they” are wrong…either way I think I’ll give it a try.

Yes it is true, I am addicted…to peanuts. Not a day goes by without me having at least one peanut. I can’t get enough of them, I don’t know what it is. Maybe the saltiness, maybe its the fact that I use my hands to eat them, maybe its because I love snacking and they are the perfect snacking source.
All kinds too, not just the salted kinds: the spicy, the dry-roasted, the honey coated…in Beijing there is the seaweed coated and also the pepper salted, the squid seasoned, the wasabi coated. They are all super good!

But I have to admit that it depends on the kind of day for each kind. I can’t just have a spicy peanut package (yup I eat whole packages of the stuff) on a day that I’ve won the lottery. The two don’t mix because the spice of my day would have already been; winning the lottery. No, eating spicy peanuts are good for a day when you need a slam-dunk and your dragging behind the eight-ball. Or you can eat them with winning the lottery…I just don’t think they would add as much.
The dry-roasted are for the days when the world staring you down, but you are not intimidated. These are the days that should normally rain on your parade, but you are not going to let this day, no, you’ve got dyr-roasted peanuts.

The honey-coated are for the sassy days. Guys have these days too, they’re when you are feeling for lack of a better term “all that”. I am not promoting high egos but these peanuts are just right for when you’re feeling like everyone is interested in what you’re doing. Those are great days huh?

The pepper-salted are the days when you’re content, everything is good, you’re happy with your routine and you don’t feel like doing anything to shake things up. I’m not saying these peanuts are dull, no, but they just add a bit of extra comfort.

The wasabi coated peanuts are for the days when your feeling a little bold, a little out-there. You’ve got the adventure bug traveling in your veins and you want a change of pace…you want that? Eat these.

Now the seaweed coated ones are for the days when you’re feeling only a little unsure of your want for a ‘secure’ snack or your want for ‘try something new’ snack. This is the day when you’re taking forever to make up your mind about anything…

The simple roasted kind are for the days when you’re lazy, they are soothing, the taste is still great but not jam-packed with greatness if you know what I mean?

The salted peanuts…are good for any day…rain or shine, rushed or not rushed. They’re the fall-back peanut, the one you can always count on for a great taste. If you simply know you want some peanuts, these are the ones to suffice the craving.

This is at least what I have discovered as a peanut connouseaur. I could be wrong, if I am I hope that you’ll test it and come back with some hard evidence to proove just how incorrect I am.

So what about you then?


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