21 Oct

Ahhh…sometimes the words just don’t come. Sometimes they just don’t come out, they stay hidden away from my view and as a result I’m lost.

I can tell you what I’m thinking about. My father and my Oma Demmers…I’m thinking about my family and about love. I’m thinking about faith and hope and everything in between.


Papa (my father) said that at Christmas, his mother and father would make apple-fluffin and ollie-bullen (spelling?). They would put candles in the tree, with water buckets underneath just in case.
On rainy days, they shelled peanuts and drank hot-chocolate…

Oh memories, memories, memories of the past have crept up and made me weep with both joy and a wish that I could relive them again. But I know that is impossible, so I simply remember and smile fondly.

More Silence…the words come in and out like the ebb and flow of the tide.

Ebb and Flow…

Now I’m thinking about beauty and where I find it. Today its in living, today its in the words that come and go. Tomorrow I’ll find it in something else, maybe I’ll see it when I’m at work, walking home or simply sitting, like I am now, and writing the words that come and go.

Ebb and Flow, ebb and flow, ebb and flow…


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