Social Conscience

27 Oct

The past few days this topics has particularly been on my heart. God has wished to challenge me. And with the news that has been spreading about things that happen all over the world which point to the fact that humanity seems to have lost its heart for the hurting.
First of all did humanity even have a heart to begin with and secondly if it did, where did it run off too? Gone on holiday?


Since when did those who have more consider themselves above everything not to think about those who have less. Wasn’t your ‘more’ a blessing and at the same time a responsibility for the ‘less’. Yes a responsibility, to love and care for those who are unfortunate. Isn’t that what we have been taught from the beginning of our lives? NO? Well it should have been.

Everywhere I turn there is evidence that awareness of the problems are treated with a contented ignorance. And attitude of “Let someone else deal with it.” Or as a friend of mine put it so eloquently, “If I’m only one person in a world of six billion, what difference will I make.” I disagree with my friend in the strongest way.

What an attitude…if everyone thought that way then there would be no change ever! Can you imagine a world without lightbulbs, electricity, medicine, planes? Can you imagine a world without something as radical as forgiveness? Of course you can’t! It’s there! And those things are there because people like Jesus Christ, Benjamin Franklin, and the Wright brothers dared to be the one in the one-billion to make a change.

Now is this different from passing a beggar on the street? I don’t think so. Why? Because it all begins with an impulse a thought to be different, to put aside yourself and think about someone else. It begins with the sprouting of a social conscience. Do you have one or does that little seed of selflessness need some watering?

Of course you say this is easier said then done…obviously! Anything worth doing is easier said than done. But can we challenge ourselves to be the one who is set apart?

One Response to “Social Conscience”

  1. jc December 3, 2011 at 12:51 am #

    I completely agree with your frustrations, but at the danger of sounding narrow-minded (and maybe even arrogant), I don’t think humanity’s motivation to help others outweighs its own selfishness. from what I’ve seen and experienced, that kind of motivation comes from a relationship with God and wanting what He wants. apart from that, you’d just have people being nice for the sake of being nice. works sometimes, but dependable and consistent it is not.

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