Sleepless in Beijing

3 Nov

It is dark outside. My eyes should be shut and I should be breathing soundlessly. I should be dreaming about my knight in shining armor or about some odd dreamworld or not dreaming at all.

But instead I’m awake; writing. It’s not too bad, I’ve been hit by this many times that I’m almost used to it now. I don’t know when sleeping became such a problem for me…I guess it will remain a mystery until I find the time to attempt to solve it.

I guess the real problem is my brain, I just can’t stop it from working. Ideas keeping popping into my thoughts and then I think…”No I’m sleeping.” I begin to count in my head…but that doesn’t work because then I get to the really high numbers and I forget where I’m at and need to start all over again.

I tried singing a worship song, to calm me down. I forgot the words and that just annoyed me so much that my thoughts were going round and round trying to remember what came next.

I tried counting my breath…
I tried praying, but then began to stress about who I was forgetting.
Counting sheep does not work…

I used to take Advil to help me sleep, but then being addicted to pain-killers never did anyone any good. Natural sleep is so much better when you get it anyway. I would rather not sleep.

I’ve tried everything short of taking a sleeping pill.

Thinking of ways to trick myself into sleeping. There has got to be some way to do it. I just don’t know how…have you got some tricks up your sleeve? What do you do when you’re sleepless?

Let me know…I’ll be up.


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