Not Surprised

19 Nov

I have noticed that the longer I live here, the less I am surprised by things that usually would either make me laugh…or cry or both.
You wonder what those things might be?

1. The fact that at times to get on the subway line 1, people literally need to be shoved and punched fit in before the door closes. It makes me smile and reminds me that I am so used to having a personal bubble and I really should let go of that because here it is a fantasy!

2. The constant spitting, I’ll be honest, but you have to at times simply because of the pollution here your lungs just fill up with crud that you have to spit to keep from choking! (I am exaggerating a little here)

3. There is nothing to extravagant here, nothing too shiny, nothing too lacy or silky…you think of something that could possibly be fashionable and I guarantee you’ll see it here in Beijing. I have seen some daring wardrobes! But I admire those girls and guys who wear them, I wish I had the courage.

4. Men carry their woman’s purse. This one…reminds me of the dying concept known to us girls as chivalry, it is hard to find, but I see it here almost every day.

5. The residents of Beijing not matter how busy they are…will always always be walking slow, its just their nature, they walk slow.

6. My Chinese collegues are so kind and generous, very understanding and loving. I am always amazed at how giving they are to me and my ignorance. My roommate for example are two of the kindest people I have ever met.

7. I did have something else to write here, but I saw the time and have realized that I need my beauty sleep or my students might be frightened by my sleepless face and I can’t have that now can I?

But before I go…what has surprised you in the past that now you take as common place?


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