10 Dec

“Don’t spend your time looking around, for something you want, but can’t be found.
When you find out you can live without it and go along not thinking about it.
I’ll tell you something true.
The bare necessities of life will come to you.”

Searching for the "bare"...

Such words of wisdom from a Disney movie. It makes you stop to think, what are the bare necessities of life hmmm? Are they specific for each person or general.
I know there the basics that a person needs to survive: food, water, sleep, clothing, maybe a friend or two. But what else is basic to survival? What’s more, how do you draw the line between surviving and really living?
I think it depends on a person’s concept of life.

There are two ways to spin this.

A movie called “Up in the Sky” with George Clooney, discusses this in a small amount of depth. Clooney’s character calls life a backpack. And with everything you put in that backpack the heavier it becomes. He mentions things like a job, family, things, commitments, relationships and all sorts. Now you put that all in a backpack and look at how heavy it is…put it on. “Don’t you feel weighed down?” he asks at one point. Those who respond say “Yes.”
“Then why not take off the backpack?” Clooney asks, “Forget about those heavy burdens pulling you down, live your life free of attachments.”

In my mind this means “bare”.

I could agree with Clooney’s character…but I’m not going to. Its easier to wear a frown, complain and lose heart. Of course relationships and families, jobs and such, they weigh you down. But really only if you let them. If you look at them with the attitude of negativity; then of course they’ll weigh you down. But why not choose to wear a smile, why not choose to look on the positive side? Each day is so much more enjoyable! Also, if you live life with “bare” necessities what would each day be without the relationships we have? I’d say rather dull.

Now Second:
“Bare” can also mean, clearing everything out in terms of things. Forgetting about money, forgetting about things. Living life simply, taking out what you don’t need. Leaving aspects like relationships and people, along with a job and some responsibility in your life.
This type of “bare” means being unattached to things that you have, willing to let them go because after all they are just things right?
Of course right.

This is the type of “bare”, I think, should be sought after with a fervor. Why? Simply put, because “humans” and “the basics” have lost touch with each other. Humanity has become hungry for more, more, more. We’re the starving monster that can never be satisfied. There is all of this clutter surrounding us that we’ve begun to think we can’t live without things.
I would say that this is untrue. But then the world is such that if you choose to live without these things, the world will pass you by quite fast!!
“What a pickle.” Creation has strayed away from its created form. Oh, we’re still loved and everything, but I think God’s created Earth and what we’ve made to be the World, have become two very different things. Earth is pure, while the World has lost its innocence.

Let us pause here to think about the fact that I’ve started this post with a few lines from The Jungle Book…a Disney movie. How in blazes did I get all the way from a childhood classic to here?

I don’t know. haha, oh dear!

But what we have now are two concepts of “bare” and some important realizations. From the first concept; that life needs relationships, and it is better to wear a smile than a frown. From the second concept; life is too full of things, and the World has lost its innocence.The bolded bit is most important. Loss of innocence means “broken”, this is both sad and wonderful news!
Well, while its sad that we broke in the first place, my God works with the “broken” to make them fixed again.

Yes these are all simple realizations, but they are good to remember all the same.

*sigh…well, its time for me to jet off to work.

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