28 Dec

Have you ever been tricked by what life tosses at you? You think something means one thing but it often means something entirely different? You’re sucked into what you believe you know and then come crashing down in a proverbial heap of broken hopes and dreams.
If you’ve honestly never had that happen to you before…well I’d like to know how you’ve managed to accomplish such a feat!

Last night I went to Tiananmen Square to see the Chinese Ballet’s production of Swan Lake. I’ve seen The Nutcracker many times and also remember loving the music and dancing, the costumes and sets. The audience waiting in anticipation for the curtain to rise and the lights to fade. There weren’t any differences last night. It was quite the excitement!

You know the story of Swan Lake?

I won’t go into huge detail (you can read about it at your leisure). To sum it up: the prince falls prey to trickery. He is deceived by an evil sorcerer who replaces his love for a fake.

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How often do we look at something and try to believe that it’s better than it actually is? How often are we blinded by what we want to perceive is the truth, when in our hearts we know that this “truth” could never be real? We are human, we are easily tricked, but amazingly that does not keep us from trying over and over to believe the right thing.

OF course I was thinking about all of this when the lights came up and then suddenly the quiet audience became a mass of people all in a mad rush to get on the subway and get home. My thoughts were interrupted by the elbows and shoulders bumps…the annoyed glances and frustrated glares.
At one point I smiled and thought “I will never be duped into thinking the subway ride is something better than it actually is!”


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