Relic & Apologue

31 Dec

Yesterday I did an incredibly foolish thing, and it turned out to be quite the blessing. The adventures I have will never ever cease to amaze me. Oh, they are not interesting to other people, they’re not at all interesting actually in any way when I think about it. But adventures are what you make them, the mentality to adopt when you begin one…
A few weeks ago as I was doing my grocery shopping I mused to myself “How interestingly bad it would be if I forgot my keys in my room and my roommate was out…I would be locked out.”
Well, yesterday I discovered just “how interestingly bad” that situation could be. I performed the deed; locked myself out of my room…but I took it a step further and left my phone and my watch on my desk too. I had just finished my grocery shopping and was heading back home when I realized that my keys were not on my person. I But I still kept walking to my apartment, out of habit I guess. I stood outside and in a dazed and blinking confusion. I took out an apple I had just bought and ate it; contemplating what my next move would be.

There were two attitudes I could choose from: that of a panicked and worried soul or that of a tired, happy and content soul who would simply wait it out and come back home later that night when my roommate was home. I chose the second option and decided that today was going to be an awesome day.
So I went for a walk, bag of groceries and all. I spent some time contemplating. After which I deposited myself in a coffee shop, drank some of that wonderful drink and wrote my thoughts and feelings out, then began to read…

This whole situation was quite funny, so funny in a way. I had gone to bed too late last night, I hadn’t washed my hair and I was wearing clothes that were supposed to be washed that morning. I was quite the sight to be seen, not that I looked in the mirror. At one point a young boy in the coffee shop was staring at me. I smiled at him and his lips pulled a half-grimace/half-smile. I can only hope I didn’t scare him too much.

Moving on:

The power of being disconnected and not letting worries haunt you is very freeing and exhilarating. Of course its not like I did anything extremely exciting or daring, but choosing to remain calm and content was a huge decision and one that I hope to make more often.

It was in that coffee shop that wrote down my New Years Resolutions. A very important step for the next few days. I read a few days ago that the key to making a resolution that sticks is to make them countable, specific, and achievable. With that in mind I compiled my list:

1. Read more books: 1 book a month or every 2 months
2. Cook at least once a week
3. Eat at least one fruit and vegetable a day
4. Exercise 4 or 5 times a week
5. Read my Bible once a day

What do you think?

You see if I hadn’t locked myself out, left my phone and my watch up in my room, I would not have sat down to think about these aspects in my life. I needed to take the time to regroup, to take a step away from my life and consider just who exactly I am.
Yesterday served as a reminder of sorts, a reminder to slow down, to look at myself, at the people around me and appreciate each moment and live like I won’t be around forever. Yesterday’s apologue will serve as a relic in my life, whenever I let things get ahead or when I let them overwhelm my heart…I’ll take out yesterday from my “memory-bag” and just take it easy.

Plus it is always good to remember that no matter how horrible a situation can be, they could always be worse. So take it in stride and count the blessings/lessons as something to cherish.


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