Your Face

13 Jan

This has nothing to do with living in Beijing, China or being a traveler. This is not one of those cliche realizations that I seemingly have a habit of writing. This is simply something I deem to be important and rather interesting. That of body language and the expressions we hide or show on our faces to convey our true feelings.

Your face contains so many interesting little signs I’ll doubt you’re even aware of what you’ve shown. Have you ever considered to think about how people see you? Have you ever thought that perhaps the words and how you display your face are completely different? Not to be anal about it but its something we should think about as it affects our relationships and the way we live our lives.

Your face depicts more than just sadness and happiness. Of course you say there are a whole range of emotions! But how is it that those who look at a face only tend to look for the two emotions above. We tend to forget about anger, disgust, annoyance, joyfulness, excitement, frustration, hatred,pride, love and concealment (when we try so very hard to hide something, but our face gives it away). It is only because we do not recognize these expressions that they go amiss.

AND because of that things like mis-communications occur. Loved ones leave without knowing they’re loved. A helping hand is not given because we miss indication that says “I need help.” Intentions are mistaken and relationships could break down simply because a person missed a few signs. Of course these are extreme measures, but you must admit it is true.

But its about more than the expression. Of course, there needs to be the will to do something about it once it is seen. Say something, show something. How often have you looked into the face of a friend seen distress, seen hurt and yet have let the moment pass for when you could have asked…”Is everything alright?”

Its (so far) a two-step process, recognizing the emotion on the face and then willing to take a chance to say something about it. Sometimes you may be slapped in the face, sometimes you may be accepted. But of one thing you can be most certain of; at least they knew you cared. At least you dared to show something; compassion, concern, love. And if this person knew about expressions too, they would see that plastered all over your face when you asked “How are you? Whats wrong?”

The Problem though now is that we are lazy, busy and on the run. Asking about someone else is too much hassle, takes too much time out of the day. After all you have things to do, places to go…We often do not take the time to look.

Thus there we have it, the two-step process becomes a three-step process: first we must take the time, second we must know what we are observing and third we must have the guts to do something about it.

So I ask myself:
1. Do I have the time?
2. Do I know what I’m observing?
3. Do I have the courage to say something about it?

I would hope I could say yes to each one. But then the proof is in the pudding isn’t it? I could say yes, but then to actually go out into my day and carry it out is a completely different thing. Many people talk the talk…not many walk the walk.

Man alive! This has become something of a cliche realization again, but in a round-a-bout way. I think its just my personality that makes me prone to write in a cliche manner…oops.

All of the above to say: watch the face, consider your own face…there is a wealth of information hidden in the expressions we miss each day.


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