Eating Pie

16 Jan

A rendition of what I would imagine "humble pie" to semi look like...

I love pie so much, especially warm apple crumble-pie with vanilla ice-cream. A la mode. There is nothing quite like sitting down to a huge plate of it and chowing down. Or blueberry pie, I love blueberry pie so much! Or rue-barb pie or raspberry pie…any kind of pie really.

But there is one kind of pie I eat every once in a while that is bitter, a reminder and a harsh truth in a world of fantasy. Perhaps you have heard of it? No?
Let me refresh your memory, its called “Humble Pie.”

Ah, now the realization begins to dawn and if we were face to face I would see that spark of recognition in your eyes as you nod and say “Of course…I eat that pie all the time.”

Well, no worries, you are not alone my friend. I have been eating helping, after helping, after helping. I’m talking about huge slices of humble pie. I eat them big time, all the time.

For starters coming to Beijing was a gigantic slice complete with a thick crust and crumble on top. Let me tell you I’m still making my way through that piece. Another would be locking myself out of my room/apartment. Another would be missing the plane in Dublin…let me see what else IS there.

I would totally share more with you…but you would have to know me very well for me to tell you.

These things they happen and they happen for a reason. To keep us from getting big heads, high egos and inflated opinions; we eat what is called the “Humble Pie”. It is a reminder that we are only human, we make mistakes and we definitely are not perfect.

Sometimes we tend to place the pressure on ourselves so much, the priority to perform and try our best that when we “fall” we crash in a big way. We do a face plant in our “Humble Pie”. And at the beginning it tastes so bitter, but the end result is: sweet.

Serve me a piece of that bitter-sweetness…heat it up; make sure the scoop of vanilla ice-cream is cold and crisp. That’s how I like my pie. A la mode.


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