25 Jan

I have a question…
How do you live your life so you know you won’t have any regrets? Do you try everything once to figure out what you like and what you don’t like? Do you let yourself go…embrace a certain kind of freedom that can only be found in what your definition of freedom is?
Do you hold yourself back from certain aspects of life…you know that somethings just can’t make you happy…and so you stay away from them?
Do you tell people how you feel, if you love them or can’t stand them? Or do you hold it in and remain silent?

What is it about letting loose that has so many people scared? What is it about regret that has people pretending like they have found meaning?
How do you live a life that is “passing” on the scale of satisfaction?
You can’t simply see it in the things you have…things fade. You can’t only feel it in your heart and soul either. So what is it and how is it so difficult to find a way to live life without regret?

I guarantee you that no matter how happy you are, there is always something you will wish you could take back. I am not at all saying that we should let those moments plague us…def-in-ite-ly not!


I guess it comes down to the dilemma of choice. How you choose to be after your decisions. Here is how it goes:
You decide to do something different with your life: like live in Beijing.
Then you decide to either be angry or happy about the decision you have made.
Does this method eradicate regret? I would hazard to say that regret is one of those things that will always exist in humanity. But we can diminish its affect with the decision to be happy with the choices we make.

I just watched a movie called “Life, Or Something Like It” and it made me think about my life and the choices I’ve made…

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