~Yearn to Create

16 Mar

I’ve found that forcing creativity is like trying to bake bread without any yeast. Nothing arises from what has been attempted. Almost immediately afterward; regret at not taking the time to think things through seeps in.

You force creativity and then you come up with something that anybody else could have made on the spot  just as you have. It isn’t unique, its drab and undefined. What’s worse you may not have the second chance to go back and fix it. Sometimes second chances are just too expensive.

So I want to make something priceless, something palpable (love that word) and easy to relate to. How on earth do I go about doing such a thing?

I truly only have a yearning to create…I just don’t want to force it. I’ve forgotten yeast a couple of times and have discovered that the outcome is not in any way satisfying.


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