~how to be~

31 Mar

“Live spherically, in every direction, with a child-like innocence and young energy.” These are such beautiful words, vague, unclear, cliche and totally useless unless you know how to apply them directly to your every moments. How does one apply this metaphor to their life?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to buy a great big sphere and call it your home?

Attractive display items by Bulgarian inventors at European Year of Creativity & Innovation...in other words a home that is a sphere.

It is not a surprise then when I say that I have absolutely no idea how to live or feel as if you’re living. Does anybody? I’ve figured that every now and then its good to contemplate how you plan to get through each day, but only contemplate. Thinking to in-depth about such a complicated issue will give you gray hairs (trust me on this one).

What people do in order to feel alive is completely up to them.
What I know is that each person does life differently (of course) and how they begin to be a person, starts with how they accept who they are and what they will do with themselves.
There is such a wide range; Some travel the world while others jump off extreme heights to feel alive.

Okay enough about that. I started writing this with the thought that at the end of it I will have a better idea of what it means to live spherically. So I’ve devised a list. Here are three points of what living as a 3D shape would mean for me:

1. Taking chances.

Stepping out of the comfort bubble. So that job offered to me in a new country, should I take it? Yes.
What else? There’s a handsome fellow I see twice a week when I walk a certain route to work…should I take the chance and introduce myself?

2. Embrace your faults.

My faults: I’m a little of a control freak, I try to hard, I say “Yes” to too many things, I care way too much about how the world sees me, I have no concept of how I’m viewed so I have a warped idea of who I am in the eyes of other people.
They are what make me human. AND I have more of course, these are just the few that sprang to mind.

3. Explore with a child-like innocence.

I guess that this would mean to look for the beauty rather than the beastly. I am taught to have faith like a child, but this world has shown me that too often a faith like this can be broken as soon as reality sets in. So…how to keep the inner-child sufficed? My guess would be to nod at the brokenness and say “Yes there it is, but I still believe that benevolence and virtue can be spotted if you dare to open your eyes a bit wider.”

There you have it. My three pointers. And I am most definitely positive I will think of a few more as soon as I hit the “publish” button.

There are many ways to live in different directions. ~TriciaMaria

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