Pathetic (Fe)Male Characters

7 Apr

I recently read an article through the FB about none other than what the title of this post suggests: pathetic female movie characters:

The Guardian on Facebook.

After reading I had myself a little thinking time and decided that while I agree with Lindy West for the most part I partially disagree with her. Yes women can do things now in the world of 2012, but does that necessarily mean they should? Just because you are graced with power does it follow that you should use that power? Albeit if a sex-charged wolf is terrorizing you…apply gung fu (I live in Beijing, this is how we fight). BUT I can’t help but think that although women are now for the most part recognized in the world, we’ve taken away responsibility from men!

They’ve become slightly lazy in my opinion or angry. A man’s challenge to work hard and succeed has subsided to make way for women. Am I saying we should ease back?
NO! Not in the slightest, if anything women should expect more, the bar has been raised for the likes of the “male”. It is not the stone-ages anymore, men do not go off to battle, they do not have to protect the fold. BUT they have to rise even higher, beyond protecting what they know and love. If anything because women can do things now, men should take more responsibility, accept more arduous tasks and expect much higher of themselves. It is not that the sexes are in competition (or are they?).

If a man wants to be the “knight in shining armor” then they MUST do more than slay the dragon and save the damsel. A woman can do that in this day and age.

If I can be a superwoman, why in the world would I need Superman? Are you picking up what I’m laying down? I have high expectations (which might not be a good thing) for men to rise higher then I can for me me say “WOW!”. I want you to men! Yes it’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders, but I have faith in you!

Women, I think we’ve become too blood-thirsty. We’re ravenous for success (I include myself in this). We don’t stop to look around and realize that there is more to life than rising to the top of the food chain. Have a rest as the Chinese say “xin xi” and let the men impress you. While they have lost some responsibility we can always give a little back and ease our high expectations. Just because you kick back and take it easy, it does not mean you’re giving up. No, I would say that it makes you a stronger person to realize that you are human and you need rest. So TAKE SOME!

This is funny, because after reading all of what I’ve written above I’ve realized one very important point. I am most definitely describing myself here, lecturing myself and admitting my own expectations.

You see this is why I love writing, you find out things about yourself as a writer that you wouldn’t have known had you never sat down to write!

I got all this from a simple article about pathetic female Hollywood characters. I wonder what would happen if I read something very deep and wrote a post afterwards. I bet I’d get existential…

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