*Black Adder*

28 Apr

As I have previously mentioned, I am slightly tired with thinking about Beijing. I have to admit it and be completely honest.
There comes a time in one’s travels when the blogging about oddities never found anywhere else and the photos about cool things discovered; simply lose glamour. One needs to think of other things.
I am one such person. I’ve written about my less-than interesting dating life (of which there is more, but I’m making you wait). I’m now going to write about the entertainment that I enjoyed as a wee Canadian lass.

Blackadder-Sense&Senility Part 1/4 – YouTube.

I grew up with two older sisters (ten years my senior). I love them dearly, but this being the case I also grew up watching movies and shows that should have been above my level of comprehension.
Cue Black Adder. Cue Pride and Prejudice. Cue the BBC.

My older sisters loved Black Adder, and subsequently so did I. I laughed when they laughed, and repeated lines from the episodes to my friends at school. If you watched the above listed episode, then you will know what kinds of things I said (within reason, I wasn’t a complete idiot).

None other than the four faces of Black Adder.

Picture me then, a curly-haired, freckle-faced girl, running up to my friends to say things like…well if you’ve watched the episode you know what I mean.

British humor is rather dry. And if you’re not on your toes, then you could miss the funny bit all together. Sometimes I stared into the emotionless faces of other youngsters who were still waiting for the punch-line long after I’d finished rehashing a night’s worth of Black Adder.
“Get it?” I’d say.


Oh well, all of this to say that lately I’ve watched some Black Adder and it is still funny. I just thought I’d share some of the hilarity around.

caption=Rowan Atkinson: in case you didn’t know.


Tune in Next Time when I discuss some of the comedians who are smarter than you. Yes you.
And Rowan Atkinson is one of them.


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