42 Things You’ll Only See In China

3 May

This is so true and although jarring it is something that after you live here for a certain time you just come to accept. At least its good for a laugh right?

42 Things you’ll Only See In China.

It’s interesting to see it put into perspective/written somewhere else for me to see. Some of these things I’m so accustomed to seeing now I hardly bat an eye when they cross my path. For instance when I see things like Teabucks or KFG, I just think “Oh, another knock off of the original!” I even stop by to try these places. When I see things like “fried Wikipedia” or something I just think “Some words were lost in translation” and I shrug my shoulders.

My friends and I have this saying that when something un-kosher seems to occur, we witness it and simply say “That’s messed up.” You can say that to every one of these photos here.


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