Round and Round

1 Sep
English: Jal Mahal in Jaipur Rajastan. This pa...

English: Jal Mahal in Jaipur Rajastan. This panoramic photo was taken on a rainy evening 1 September 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Took the local bus,
To Jaipur.
It’s not so bad, I think of it as character building.
Everyone needs character building.

It’s a myriad of sound.
Every one of my senses are on fire.
To my right horns are blaring,
To my left construction is roaring.

Behind me a man plays his own music on his mobile.
Laying next to me is a woman so skinny…
Her husband is trying to sleep.
Tapping at the window.

“Hello, no money, japati.”
A little boy gestures to his stomach.
I hand the left over biscuits to my friend and we pass them
through the window.

The boy gives them to a woman.
She breaks a piece of cookie off for her baby…
Shares some with another woman.
What a meal…cookies.

My ears are ringing.
My eyes aren’t sure where to look.
My nose itches and twitches.
My skin sweats and sticks.

Like I said my senses are flaring.
In a public bus you become a rag doll,
Tossed and thrown about.

But it’s character building…
And everyone needs character building.
At some point in life.
The air tastes like something.

Not sure what yet.

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