3 Oct

A healthy reminder; a welcome perspective. Time is too short to debate ethnic and religious alliances, we are who we are. How we choose to live is another story.

You say “Duh.” But then if you were to look around you, listen to the radio, watch the news, travel, you would see that for some this is true. And for others it is something that cannot be embraced. Sad isn’t it?

Thank you dailydoseofNOOR for your words.

Written in the Stars

The rain is pouring endlessly outside, the skies are a nice dismal shade of gray, I hear the loud reverberations of a flashy storm, and my mind is sincerely and completely awake. Contrary to what is evident on my blog, I’ve been writing a lot lately. Perhaps later this year the occasion will present itself for me to share some of the more ambitious fruits of my near two-month sabbatical. However, you can breathe for now as I am back.

I’m dreadfully opposed to that which is boring. Being that I am in constant fear of suffering from the irritation brought upon by all things mundane, I am on a lifetime journey of finding and following all that intrigues me. I met someone intriguing a few weeks ago and today I’m sharing that story.

The setting: a train station somewhere in Canada.

The time: truly irrelevant.

The plot: He stood…

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