14 Jun


FindingFelicity: A Happiness Movement

Purpose: Motivation. Encouragement to keep making whatever difference we’re making. We are all making small differences, no matter what we’re striving for. FindingFelicity is a reminder to stay encouraged, for those moments when you’re brought down by the thoughts of self-doubt.

Task: It is so simple. Anything, anything at all that reminds you to keep your happiness and motivation, put #findingfelicity on it. Right now its about creating a happiness movement.

Before you read ahead, have a listen:


You’ve gone to the kitchen stood there and thought, “I’m starving, gotta eat something.” But you don’t reach into any cupboards. No, you put your hands on your hips and just stand there, in the centre of the kitchen and you think “First world problems.” There is too much food to choose from that you’re going to walk away without anything to eat because there…

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