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18 Dec

Please read. Please share…we’ve all lost someone dear to our hearts and this Christmas…this is how I’m choosing to remember.


In a letter my mother wrote to me while she was in the hospital, she said, “Writing this note, knowing you’ll be holding it soon, gives me goosebumps!”  On my first night home from Beijing, I found it tucked under my pillow and I  smiled at my mother’s cheesy words.

My mother who passed away 3 months ago this week, went through a stage in her life working in rural placements as a physiotherapist. She hadn’t much money, but somehow she made it work and well, she was passionate about helping people. She lived way up in Northern Canada, and for fun she taught herself how to play the guitar. She learned almost every song from Carole King’s Tapestry.

So now, I am the one getting goosebumps as I write to tell you about something oh so exciting! To spread her passion for physiotherapy we’re creating a scholarship fund with Queen’s University in…

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Euphoria ~ From Calvin & Hobbes

13 Sep

I forgot I used to love these!



Us happy people gotta stick together.

Please check out to find a clinic and give.

Oh hello hi! Have a Happiness Experience you'd like to share? Well share it here by sending me an email. AND after you've done that the paradigm of logic states you should like FindingFelicity on Facebook ( Pretty please help me spread a smile, and some awareness. I'd be ever so grateful! 

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~and Content(NOW)ment

7 Aug

Smile throughout the process!


Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Brilliant man, Friedrich Nietzsche.

My sister and I are in the kitchen. I am in a grand mood, after listening to some Broods, FKA twigs and George Ezra, while reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. Good music, good reading and soon some good coffee.  I’ve just made a new pot and realize that we’ve finished our Hazelnut creamer and it’s time to open a new bottle of sugary goodness.

“Hey, I’ll open the Cinnabon kind, that’ll be good right?” I say excitedly and actually skip over from the fridge to my coffee.

Oh the days when Cinnabon creamer is the highlight. I live for them. I say, “Tricia, this is the epitome of what you’re always writing about.” The simplicity in the momentary happiness I…

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*Not a Nature-Nut*

25 Jul


Written By: Sarah Berthely

I met Sarita in college while we were studying in Philadelphia together. She became one of my closest friends; I remember many late nights eating cereal and just chatting in that North Philly dorm room. Thank you so much for your beautiful post Sarita!

Happiness has become such a buzz word. “Do whatever makes you happy” seems to be the slogan of the mid 2000’s, yet so many people seem to be miserable. What’s going on? In my online search for the etymology of the word happiness, I found an interesting clue as to why this could be.

My search led me to…

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A Ghost and Infectious Happiness

12 Jul

Wanna learn from a ghost?


Written By: Elaine Disbro

When my friend Tricia first contacted me about writing for her new blog, a project about happiness in various forms, I was skeptical. It’s not that I don’t love to write, although a busy work and school schedule keeps me from writing much beyond required academic papers. And it’s not that I don’t see the value of this space. I think Finding Felicity is a beautiful idea. Honestly, I was hesitant to write something for this blog because, for quite a while, I haven’t felt all that happy.  I have a supportive family, great friends (although most live further away than I would like), and a stable job. I have been lucky enough to have some amazing life experiences, including the opportunity to live and travel in China, for which I am incredibly thankful. So what gives?

Last week I was on vacation at one of…

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