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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

6 Apr

Some hutong art, painted on the walls near Renmin University.

I simply love happening upon random beauty in a place that I’m so used to. You know how to just become so accustom to your surroundings where you live. You begin to mistake the “unusual” as “usual” and the “beautiful” as merely “plain”.

Sometimes I need to stop, take a deep breath and open my eyes.

My point?

Hooray for graffiti and people who can actually paint on a rough canvas.

Marilyn in Beijing

Marilyn in Beijing


26 Mar

As a little side note:

A friend of mine told me today that she has a little obsession with the color pink. I thought “Well there’s nothing wrong with that, I mean lots of people are obsessed with colors right?”

And then she said:

“I sometimes imagine the world as pink cotton candy!”

I was silent, waiting for her to say she was kidding. The moment never came. She just smiled, blinked and walked over to her desk.
Then I made the “What?” face to myself and just laughed a little on the inside; maybe a little on the outside too.

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