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All Over

20 Sep
A coffee and doughnut at a Tim Hortons outlet ...

A coffee and doughnut at a Tim Hortons outlet on Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all I just want to warn you that this post will seem a little disjointed.

Back in the Canada for a couple of weeks, just drinking my Tim Hortons, filling up on donuts, pouring maple syrup on everything and chatting up some RCMP. Nah, just kidding.

I guess I could have also said watched some hockey in there, but the season has been cancelled here, so…all of my fellow Canadians are grasping at straws saying “What will we obsess about now?”

I don’t know.

The real point of this post is not to think about stereotypical Canadian mannerisms or food. But rather it is an ode┬áto what I call “giving over.”

“Ah yes of course!” you say and then look at me in a quizzical way.

Let me paint you a picture. The overarching fact here is that I’m an adult, I’m 23, I’ve been living abroad for the past year and a couple of months, I have a well-paying job and I have my apartment. Yes, good for me.All of that disappears when I come home. I become my parent’s daughter and my older sister’s little sister. Its like stress never really existed for me, they take care of all my needs. It’s wonderful to a certain extent.

Yesterday I needed to hand in my passport to the Chinese Visa Office to acquire my Visa to return to our China. Instead of being able to drive myself into the big city, I need my father to drive me. Because I don’t know where it is. I have to hand over my independence and accept that this is the way it is. If I were living here it would be different. But I don’t. Talk about a step down off the ladder of pride. It’s good for me though I think. Independence can be overrated.

So anyways on the drive down to get my visa photos taken, my father turns to me and says, “Do you know how to smile with your eyes?” I hadn’t thought about that. Because you see in Canada we are not allowed to smile for passport, visa photos, photos of any kind that will end up on a document for official use.

“No I hadn’t thought of that,” I tried and failed miserably. I guess I’m just good smiling with my mouth.

“How about your nose?” He asks.

I try. But the result is just my wrinkling it and I look as if I’ve smelt rotten cheese. “Nope, can’t do it.”

My point is this. Pride is wonderful in that it gives you the confidence to do what you want. But sometimes you reach moments in life where pride will make you stumble. And when your ego does take a tumble, take a moment and try to smile with your eyes. If you can do that, then try to smile with your nose.

If you can do both, give me a call I want to know your secret.

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