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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

15 Mar

Nothing could be better than dining with family, munching and crunching on each other’s pests. Having a grand old time.

As to what goes into this lunch; I’m certain a keen eye and a well developed sense of what should stay on the body and should not.  Unfortunately to show what is actually being eaten for this particular lunch, I would have to get dangerously close.

These monkeys aren’t the friendly, take-a-photo-of-me kind. Once after taking a photo, a large one that had teeth this big, pursued me, and stole my crackers.

Henceforth I kept my distance. But still doesn’t it look like the ideal meal?

Family Meal

Passage to India

3 Oct

They say in India that to have patience, mercy, and understanding means to have a good mind. How convenient that in India to travel you’ll need a huge dosage of patience and mercy.

And you’ll need to understand that different folks simply have different strokes. And you have to be okay with it. Well enough of that now. How about some photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Thailand was beautiful. But I didn’t have to work hard to find that there. In India, mind you I spent most of my time in the northern part, I had to work to find it. Not convinced?

A woman and child, begged for a photo and immediately afterward wanted money, charging me for taking it.
“Photo?” they ask innocently. They even begin to smile to show me what the photo could look like.
I nod. Take a photo. I show them.
They shake their heads, they don’t care, “Money, money, money!”
I’m shaken, speechless, and I hand them ten rupees.
They run off to the next tourist in line.

**it Happens

1 Oct


Sidney Poitier's image, cropped from Civil Rig...

Sidney Poitier’s image, cropped from Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C., 08/28/1963, an image in Public Domain 


Sidney Poitier once said “So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.” Sometimes without even trying things come your way. Some people chalk it up to “fate.” A friend of mine says “I guess that’s karma for you.” I walk through the claustrophobically close streets in Varanasi, India. I have absolutely no idea where to look. If I look up, I see signs for bakeries, silk shops, jewelry shops.

“Heya, sister, you wanna samosa?” a shop keeper yells after me. I ignore him. It wouldn’t have been the  first time I’ve been called after…and it will not be the last. So I keep walking…oops I slip a bit and look down. Brace yourself. Yes that’s correct I had slipped in none other than the excrement of a near-by cow. “I almost landed in that!” I say to my friend walking behind me. I smile with pride. Crisis averted. I am safe.

Cows are roaming here and there. Everywhere it seems. Flea infested dogs are fighting to my left and I can see through their thin coat of fur to their pock-marked and bloody flesh. These dogs are not at all cute. In fact the cows are in better shape.

The Indian fellow walking ahead of me, smiles. His stained teeth stare at me in a gaping mannar. It’s very popular for Indian men to chew this tar powdery stuff called paan. I smile back but can’t help but curl my lips in a tad bit of disgust.

So we’re walking through a tight, tight street. Like this:


I’m distracted by a monkey swinging from an electrical wire above my head and I instinctively reach for my purse to protect it. Sometimes monkeys are trained to steal a foreigner’s bag. Guess who reaps the benefits when that bag gets back to the owner.The person who trained the monkey to steal the purse in the first place. But that’s beside the point. Because right at that moment we are passing a cow who thought it pertinent to let flow some…fluid. So my feet are now covered in cow pee. 

“Do not worry sister,” a voice says, I don’t know who, I’m busy staring in disbelief and anger at this dumb cow. “This is holy piss, it is good luck.”


I look up to see whether this person is joking. Nope. Not even in the slightest.


How wonderful. I was enjoying my claustrophobic walk, the shops that are so close, they invade my personal bubble. Seriously, sometimes it feels as if I can’t move for how close things are together. I was just beginning to appreciate everything about this place. I had even just enjoyed a treat at The Blue Lassi (gotta have a lassi). Narrowly missed falling in poo and now…this.

“Well its character building if anything,” I say to my friend and we both throw our heads back a laugh. What else could we do? Be angry? Annoyed? Tired?

There are far worse things that could happen to a person than pissed on by a cow. Great. At least it was “holy piss” right? At least I’ll have some luck right? Oh dear. If I had chosen that moment to be annoyed than well I would have lost all the other moments I had attributed to “character building.”

Good old character building. Life is nothing if not character building. That’s proverbial gold  you can take to a metaphorical bank.


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insert (Gripping Title) here

29 Sep

Same photo that has appeared on the FB. This is Pawan and I in Vrindavan, India at Jaisiyaram; singing “Row Row Row Your Boat”…I would have to say that never have I ever had so much joy than teaching these simple songs…if I could relive a moment. Thank you Ramona for sending me this photo.

Promise me you’ll read the entire post.

I don’t know what makes people read my blog, and maybe my readership consists mostly of my family. Oh well it makes me feel good to look at the stats now and then and see someone in Qatar is reading my words. It puts a bit of pressure on me to be super awesome when I write something.

That’s hard!

Oh the competition these days, oh the weight of trying to “make it” in a world that is so empathetic to the petite efforts of little me. One could succumb to the depth and enormity of it all you know. Give up entirely. I mean really, why am I writing these blogs? Am I trying to make it “viral” someone accidentally be discovered?

You want honesty, I’ll give you blunt honesty. Yes, I want that. I want to be “discovered.” Like Justin Beiber,  like Colbie Caillat. Who else? Oh J.K. Rowling. And that girl, Julie Powell, who wrote a blog about trying all the recipes in Julia Child‘s cookbook. She made it, her blog became a book, and then a movie for goodness sakes! Yes I want that to happen to me.

Let’s carry it on a little further. Listening to AM640 Talk Radio yesterday, while driving to Toronto, and The Mike Stafford came on. They were discussing a fellow who had made a public comment, and now he was on the news and TV shows…I thought to myself, “Yes, this is what I will do!”

My Devised Method 

1. Upload a video of my awesome singing/dancing skills and then Usher will see it and I’ll hit the “big-time”.

2. Have superbly awesome writing skills and an imagination to create something that would capture the hearts and minds of the world. Write in a cafe, where I can look out the window, see a castle and envision an entire fantasy.

3. Create and keep up a blog many people will read and appreciate. But what’s his face (I think his name is Ryan?) on The Mike Stafford Show said, “Who blogs anymore these days?” Dang, okay. And I’ll be honest I’m going to tag all those famous people in here, and hope they read it…who knows maybe they will.

4. State a controversial comment on this blog, or my FB or my Twitter, and have the news focus on: Me. What can I say that hasn’t been said?


Let’s check in with reality…

Will it happen? Most likely no. And I have to settle myself down with the simple fact that my strength lies in being the Canadian, Tricia Demmers. Also please don’t read with judgment because I’ll bet somewhere deep inside your “denial of fame”, you kind of wish it would happen to you too. And that is okay. BUT I’m still reaching for the stars of course, I’m not giving up my dream of somehow making it as a writer/journalist/foreign correspondent/whatever will come along. Nope. Who ever got anywhere by giving up on their dreams? NOBODY.

Sigh*                                           You still reading?

Okay so why is there a photo of me with a little boy singing a song in this post? Excellent question dear reader (whoever you might be…mom if it’s you, well I give you a “high-five” through the internet cloud). It is to remind myself (and the reader) :

1. Wonderful opportunities come without asking. We need to be thankful for what comes my way when we go searching.

2. Power in being small. Sometimes hitting the “big-time” means you lose individuality. I would like to keep mine. 

3. You never know who will influence with the character you’re becoming.

Basically I shouldn’t have to “need” thousands of readers or “Likes” on this post to know what is captured in the photo above is priceless. It would be reassuring, but it’s only because my human need for approval unfortunately outweighs the purity of the above knowledge. Sad but true. I mean why else would I write this up on the world-wide web right?

To be honest I’m uncertain about how to put a “slam-bank” finish to this…so

The End.


Going Through Something…

24 Sep
Travel problem

WordPress says that to increase “readership” I should include visuals…I didn’t know what would suit what I’ve written here. So I think this is appropriate.

So remember how I went to India? Well while I was there, I met a guru. He grew up in Canada and helped people for free. Despite his arrogant demeanour and sour smile, what he said was ever so honest. Of course he told me that I need to love myself more, and let my heart love more easily. “Go for it” he said. Ah yes of course. Go for it. Here’s my first attempt at simple plain honesty. And if you read this and feel moved…then don’t just nod your head…make a change. Do something.

Imma go for it:

There is no room in my life for an ego your size. It’s really all about silly pride isn’t it? Dumb, heavy, overbearing and useless. I’m fed up with it and you know the funny thing is…I desperately want to get to know who you are. But you’ve built up these proverbial walls so high, and even when I jump to peek over the top; I’m barely scratching the surface.  Am I making sense?

No? Let me break it down for you. This is what I’ve learned in my short span of what I can scarcely call a life. I’ve learned that hidding your sh**t does nothing for you. It only barricades you from the rest of the world. You (general) think that because you’re hiding it all, it makes you a deep individual? You think you’re the only one? Yes you’re the only one who’s “going though something”?

No! It is harder to deal with the thoughts of other people. When you keep your issues bottled up, your thoughts will twist and turn around in that head of yours and before you know it, a tiny issue becomes a catastrophe. So what in the world are you waiting for? I’m dying to get to know you! I’m begging to understand who you are.


Don’t slap on a smile and nod at me. We’re adults aren’t we? The time to play “pretend” has come and gone. We can skip the small talk too, I don’t wanna to hear it. Lay it all out there for me, and watch me be someone who actually cares and will put my best foot forward to show you that I care. I really do care. I’m not telling you to forget and move on. No, take it with you, let it become part of what makes you an interesting character. But let it stop at that. Get over it.It isn’t your life, it isn’t what makes or breaks you. Just saying. 

But go ahead and keep it all inside your head. And I’ll watch you suffer, offer a way out and listen to your refusal. Soon I’ll stop asking all-together and then guess what you’ll come to me wondering if I have time to “talk”. Will I? Of course. I’ll have waited for what seems like forever. I just needed to wait for you to come around and learn for yourself. And maybe it will be sweeter and more worthwhile and I’ll have learned more by that time too. Who knows?

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