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Embracing The…

28 Mar

Tourist in you.

Every where I’ve traveled in my life has been amazing in their own special ways (duh) and each of those places have at least one thing in common, I try not to look like a camcorder foreigner. In other words the western traveler who feels the need to photograph and video everything that you see. Some of my best friends are these people and while I love them to pieces, I put off my “touristy” tendencies until the last possible moment. 

BUT…I was in Hong Kong for the second time in my life and had to make the most of my less-than-48-hour-stay there. So, out came the camera and I became Tourist Tricia. You either go all out or not at all. So I wore my cool camera with pride and took pictures and videos of everything! Why is there only one photo on this post then? I choose to only put two up…so deal with it and read my words instead of skipping to the photos! 

Just kidding, but seriously.

The food:

Cold noodles in a bag, with some squid seaweed and cow intestine. Don’t let my description turn your stomach, it was actually very good! Like a white-cause-seafood pasta that had been in the fridge and now you’re eating it as left-overs.

Octopus. NOT RAW! I’ll try almost anything once, but I haven’t been able to eat raw sushi yet. You know the saying “Tastes like chicken”? Grilled octopus, tastes like extremely chewy chicken. 

Fish Balls on a skewer. These are really nothing special, probably the most western thing I ate. Apart from the smoothie.

Smoothie. Made fresh with mango and dragon fruit right in front of me. Drinking it was like eating the fruit in liquid form and my taste-buds just couldn’t get enough of this kind of delicious. 

Kowloon Island, Hong Kong is full of Hostels, small boutiques, restaurants, and other different types of things that you have to see for yourself. I loved it there both the first time and even this second time. What  I don’t like is the fact that my curly hair becomes a huge frizz-ball almost immediately stepping off the plane. Nothing I do changes the fact! And the Oceanic-type wind doesn’t help it either. 

Seriously though, if that’s the only thing to complain about and I wasn’t trying to impress anyone with my looks, then this place is awesome. The breeze is pure oxygen, unlike in some cities (Beijing), everyone has a working knowledge of the English language and are very friendly. I met a couple while walking to the Visa office who instead of just pointing me in a direction, took me directly there. 

Now, I stayed in Chung King Mansions, a notorious assortment of Hostels, Pawn shops, Money exchange shops and even the occasional Indian Restaurant. I had no idea there was such a huge Indian community here. Almost everyone is trying to sell you something, from a date to a tailor-made suit. Its a little overwhelming but its an experience you must have. My friend describes Chung King as the place where “the third world is consolidated into a 20 story building.” I didn’t believe him at first and then I got there…

But the place I stayed in (Apple Hostel) was nice, clean, small and perfect for one night. I was able to watch some grainy TV, wash my face in a five-inch sink and pass out. 

All-in-all? A successful break from the busy reality that is my life in Beijing. My only regret would be that I wish I could have stayed there a little longer you know?

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