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The Simple Things…

22 Jul

The Simple Things...

There were some phony words that I wanted to write about this photograph taken from the movie Amelie. But then I have been reading The Catcher in the Rye. The main character is quite against people who are phony.

In regards of that, I’ve decided that perhaps it would be best to remain silent. Not tell you what to think while observing this photo, but allow you to think for yourself and come to a conclusion, as to what it could mean for you.

The viewer.

A Snippet

1 Nov

Under an overpass I see many things.
If I look out across I see a man peddling slowly on a bicycle that is heavy laden with compact cardboard.
The air is so think that around the street lights it seems there is a thick haze.
If I look to my right I see a woman, sitting by a pillar. Her head is bowed, her hands shoved in between her crossed legs to keep warm. She is missing a shoe and her other one is barely on her foot.
She isn’t moving. I walk over to her…but no matter the sound she stays still.
I walk through the overpass and am left wondering about the lady. But I see a girl riding her bike, tears are streaming from her eyes and dripping from her chin.
“What happened on this night that so many are hurting?” I wonder.
I continue walking and soon see a begger man, he is missing a leg, standing with his cruches holding a tin can and shaking it every once in a while to remind passerbys of his exsistance.
I drop two or three kuai in his can and he nods his thanks.

I continue walking.

Soon I see a mother holding her sleeping child, sitting at the base of some stairs. The child is young, and completely covered to block out the cold.

What have I seen?

I have seen lonliness, sadness, poverty and love all in the span of five minutes. A snippet of time. I might have missed all of this if I had walked home staring at my feet.

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