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From Left Field

5 Oct

A Different Spin

I usually don’t enjoy writing about politics. I’ve made an acception in this case, and I hope you continue to read to find out exactly what.

Recently watched the presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. My father offered commentary throughout the entire thing, thus making any comments made by the newscasters superfluous. There was a lot of talk about taxes, about healthcare, about education and social security. Terms like trickle-down government and top-down government and ObamaCare, found their way into the debate.

Nervous laughter followed when a Romney or Obama made a slight jab at the other. But in the end the two shook hands amiably and the viewers all took something away from the event.

I, however, focused on something entirely different from the political aspect of the debate. Now, I enjoy debating just as much as the next person, but I’ll admit; while watching my mind wandered. And wouldn’t you like to know where?


Of all the things I could think about at a time of high tension, also known as a tipping point in American Politics, I was thinking about men. I hang my head in a little shame. But it’s true. I looked at the debaters from a different light. I placed them (Romney and Obama) in an imaginary pool of men and considered if they would indeed stand out. What would make them different from the other men there?

In my blunt opinion. If I were to venture into that pool of men and have a hypothetical conversation with one. I would look for and be attracted to qualities such as:


  1. Well dressed, clean clothing: a dapper fellow
  2. A smile, bright eyes: a handsome fellow
  3. Confident stance
  4. Open to conversation
  5. Tall (I’m 5 foot 10)

During Conversation

  1. Intelligent speaker
  2. Articulate/expressive
  3. Opinionated but willing to listen
  4. Class & Culture
  5. Eye Contact
  6. Challenging; not pompous

In light of this list. And yes I am about to reveal which Presidential Candidate I would most be attracted to. Who would I, a mere Canadian girl sauntering through a pool of men, be attracted to, based on the above list?

I’m sure you can deduce who. Now forget about me and think about the citizens of the U.S.A. Consider that country. If it were a woman…whom would she choose?

As it Happens

26 Sep
2nd third of 17th century

Perhaps I envision myself like this lovely lady…btw, what is her name?

Got to thinking the other day about why I feel the need to write my thoughts and feelings down online for whoever would wish to read my words. There was silence in my brain. Not just any silence really. A deafening silence.

I mean everyone. Or almost everyone writes a blog or aspires to write a novel of some sort. So what on earth separates one from another? Content. Style. Media. If you don’t reach the right combination then what are you doing? Throwing random words up there for no one to read.

And it isn’t as if one person has something to write while another doesn’t. Simply because everybody hurts. Everybody harbours pain in their lives. Everyone is beautiful in their “broken”ness and everyone is writing about it in their blogs, online, for the world to see if the world wishes to.  And what happens when we (everybody) throw up our words? Nothing, we wait, and nothing happens. And maybe someone is “discovered” labeled a “talent” and their lives move on from simply blogging.

And we, everybody else, we continue to blog. Which is great! Go us! I say let’s continue it. Why not? It really isn’t a waste of time. In fact its a constructive use of time. Well at least I believe it is. So keep it up, you intrepid blogger you. Kudos, high-five!

Just because everybody feels pain, it doesn’t lessen yours. You still have the right to feel. So write. Write young grasshopper, write.

Why is it that I feel the need to write things down, post some photos, and maybe a few videos here and there?

  • Is it for the fame? Am I secretly hoping that some big shot will read it. Think ,”Hey, this Tricia girl, she’s great…blah blah blah.” Haha. Yes, of course I think perhaps that could happen. Oh man I can only hope for that to happen, it is a dream. Something that would only ever happen in the movies. But as it happens there isn’t any fame associated with blogging. None. But I’m still going to write.
  • Is it for the practice? Yeah, I guess so. What writer, blogger, or whatever wouldn’t relish the chance to hone their skills? But as it happens, you will not find to best literary prose. Not every blog, but in general.
  • Is it for the readership? Oh man, to develop a following of readers who think that my writing is the be all and end all. Or not even that, for them to think that my words are something of an insight into something that helps them see just a small glimpse into how I see and understand life. But as it happens every human being is a philosopher and psychologist by their own standards.
  • Is it an outlet? But of course it is! I sometimes find that when I’m very angry, happy, depressed, ecstatic or frustrated, I write the best posts. I use it as a venting machine. Other times its simply a way of updating people who care to read.
  • …I really don’t know. Just something to do? Yep, and you know I am going to continue this “theme-less” blog of mine  until my fingers fall off my hands. And even then I’ll find a way.

What is oh so special about MY blog?

  • Nothing is particular actually. My mother and father would beg to differ. But then they’re my mother and father…they have to beg to differ.
  • I’m honest. But then aren’t we all? At least I would desperately like to think humanity is honest. But as it happens, most people seek the chance to rip another person off.
  • I’m quirky. And I come by it honestly. Other people try attempt “quirky”ness. I was born…quirky.
  • I’m decisive.
  • I’m random.

But then maybe you’re reading this and thinking…I’m all of the above and more! Well good for you. Great! Take that and soar with it. I hope you go far! But as it happens, I’ve come to find that some simply look at my blog and like it in the hopes that they would increase their readership. And of course I’ll “like” yours if you “like” mine. Isn’t that how it works? Of course. Yeah it may seem pointless, maybe it is, but who cares! Write, blog, share and let it all out. Throw your words up there.

Are you sensing that I’m sending mixed messages?

It’s only because I’m trying to convince myself too.

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