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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

3 Mar

DistanceThe DetailsIn Varanasi, there are a series of ghats (gates that open into the river), each contain their own specific characteristics.

One morning I woke up very early to catch a boat ride, witness the Ganges as it first wakes up.  From a distance (first photo) these ghats looked quiet, hibernating areas, not too much was a foot. So the boatman steered closer to the outskirts.

As you can see (second photo) , everything but “nothing” was happening at this particular ghat. Washing ceremonies, laundry, brushing the teeth…everything was going down at this ghat. Party time in the early morning: Ganges style.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

22 Feb

This may come off as pretentious, or maybe it’ll just be perceived as art; you never know.
Recently travelled to Thailand, and voyaged to a little island, Koh Samui. While I was there, catching up on some sun and vitamin D, the sound of the waves pulled my attention.
The continual ebb and flow of the ocean. Constantly moving, to and fro repeatedly.
Always edging onward. It’s existence was here before I came and it’ll remain here when I leave to move on to another place: forward.

*photo to come:computer uploading issuesSuds

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